here is a small prezi to demonstrate what I have been doing with vr



the artwork for the game.

a journey in space

a journy in space


You’re planet is destroid it’s time for you and your fellow workers to start rebuilding and re populating.
You must first land appon a nice astroid for where you will start building a dome for your people. Use the ship
to land, and build the inital atmospher for the people to live. You are one of many races. The humans, a young race
have the will and power to build phenominal structures and defence. Through the last of the planets exploding the people
of earth did not give up until the very end. Then you have the parasites of space. They are highly addaptable along
with being very visious creatures. Their soal existance is to poplulate, concer, and evolve. nothing more and nothign less
is required by their species. The Parasites have a very euneque ability that lets them take over the minds of the fieble humans.
they come in to a space station and infect the humans. Before they realise what’s happened ‘ they are already overun by
the sheer will of the mass of units that infest everything around them like a fungus. The third and final race is very
strange indeed. Though they are soft and fragile at times, their intelegence is unpresidented. No one race in the vastness
of space can outclass the smarts of these majestic creatures. One huge benefit for this race is the lack of power they need
to use for space travle. Because of the ships they use to travel they have become energy for the ship itself. what they
travel in is a giant jellyfish. As they travel along the tenticles the majestic race is used as a battery for the
jellyfish. As they build the structure grows and polinates the area with jelly. This jelly is very sticky causing oxigen to build in the air
and over time jellyfish grow from the microscopic egg the jellyfish lays as the jelly is secreeted.


there are some things that need to be gathered before you can build. first you need the building blocks of life “water” Water is what will make things
go smoothly, water is needed for plants, animals, and your species. water can be collected in a number of different ways.
1. frozen in astroids
2. found in a chunck of ice
3. found on other moons
water does need time to dethaw.

the second thing you’ll need is metal, metal will help you build powerful structures along with help you upgraid to higher defencive tech.
Along with upgrades you will be able to actually build and grow to building spcae ships and build canisters for gas and food silos. metal can
be found

1. in farm animals
2. in caves of an astroid (can’t mine everythign because astroid will fall appart)
3. Main planets and mined fully

hydrogen will be needed to move and transport things around in space. This is your main way of travel until you have discovered quicker and more
efficient ways of travel along space. hydrogen can only be mined in certain areas of space and is consistantly rare
1. gas clouds
2. gas planets
3. main terifformed planets

crystal is used for the most advanced power cell devices in the galaxy along with advanced lazers to help defend and attack against invading races.
crystal can only be found on
1. The main planet
crystal though not rare is very valuable as a trading source as well. here is as follows the traiding method of recources.

water: 2:1 = everything

metal: 3:1 = everything

hydrogen: 1:4 = everything

crystal: 5:1 = everything

there are some traders who are willing to be lenient on the conversions but as most go this is the standing rate for the galaxy.

before a colony ship can be sent, to terriform a planet there are a few conditions that must be met.

1. 3 day supply of water for first travelers
2. enough fule for a 1 1/2 of the trips actual distance
3. metal for building (this is your descretion but will be needed for any type of building on the planet if there is no wood)
4. at least 3 scientists, 4 mariens, and 4 colonists.

after these have been met you can move forwards on colinating the planet. for the first two days you can only explore small areas of the planet
and can start venturing out to finding new gas rich areas and great spots of farming.

Once you have the colony built you can start setting up a trade rute between the colony and the space station. When a trade rute is open you have to spend
what it cost for two ways of fule for your ships, so make sure there is enough fule per day to travel and survive space.

Game play:

the game play is vast and different from most generas.
the first way you can play is with a mouse or controler to move the inital ship around in space. kind of like how the game play is for astroids or pixel junk shooter.

to land the ship on the astroid think of the game lunar where you have to land apollo 13 on the moon safely on the astroid.

one the ship has laned you have a few options on what you can build.

1.comunication post
2.command center
3. trading post



Hansel & Gretal

Hansel and Gretal are two cast away children who are traveling through the forest, and stumble upon a house in the middle of the woods but this was no normal house, it was made from the trees around it from intertwining into each other. Gretal, is the younger of the two and has an impatient side to her yet being clever. Hansel is the eldest who eventually become captured by the evil witch. The witch is formed by the spirits of the trees in the land, creating a ghostly figure that controls the trees around it.

brother and sister




refined thumbs-1




Thanks to a very helpful artist who had seen I was struggling with my drawing skills I am now able to get more accurate and push stronger poses. I thank you dearly Brandon Frazier.

sketch 2


sketch 3